iPhone 12 – Can this be the Next Best Compact of 2020?

iPhone 12 - Can this be the Next Best Compact of 2020?
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Well, like every single year, Apple Inc. launches a new iPhone version. Yet, this year it seems to be delayed until October. iPhones are well known for their operating system, powerful chipset, well-optimized user interface. Besides, future-proofing software updates up to 5 years, which is mind-blowing. So, for iPhone 12, can this be the next compact of 2020?
Let’s see the specification then.

Except for Apple, there is no other likewise company that pays attention to previous devices. Second, their devices usually get a fair update once in a year. Unlike Apple, they don’t evaluate the devices. They similarly keep introducing new models.
Although iPhones are costly, they worth every penny. So, moving on to the awaited iPhone 12. We’ll see if this can be the next best compact of 2020 or no.

iPhone 12 – Can This be the next best compact? Check Physical Overview

The new iPhone 12 promises the most significant changes to Apple’s flagship phones. The iPhone 12 will reportedly drop the current design running from the iPhone X.

Although, Apple released it back in 2017, the iPhone 11 came by the end of 2019.

White iPhone

The size of the notch will be the same on the iPhone 12. But, the higher versions might have a smaller notch. Yet, Apple is having a comeback with designs. It is reported that the new design will be a shadow of the iPhone 4.

Nevertheless, it will be with flat edged surface and Boxy design. The rumors also say it will have the compatibility of 5G Network.

iPhone 12 – Detailed Specification

Since, iPhone’s launch event is the most anticipated launch event of the entire industry. So, hold your horses and check out the pre-launch detail specifications.

Aluminum body and protection of glass from the front and back.

5.4 inches HD+ IPS panel with 16m Colors. HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Truetone support.

Rear Camera:
12 megapixels primary sensor with 119° ultra-wide Secondary camera sensor. Quad-LED flash and 4k recording support on the back camera.

Front Camera:
12 megapixels single wide camera with 4k recording. Face ID sensors built in the notch.

It will be having the latest and the greatest from Apple A14 Bionic. Also, apple’s gnu with 4 GB of DDR5 RAM.

Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 4g LTE, 5g, Qi Wireless charging, fast charging, support of Wi-Fi 6.

64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB of NVMe storage options.

2227 mAh battery with 5 watts charger.

Operating system:
iPhone 12 will be coming with the new iOS 14 out of the box. It guarantees software support updates for the next five years.

Sim situation:
It will be supporting dual SIM (one physical and one e-Sim) with no card slot.

Other Miscellaneous specifications include:

  • Stereo speakers
  • 3 axis audio recording
  • ip68 water and dust resistance
  • 5 GB iCloud free storage
  • Photos and videos editor
  • Ringtones (polynomial + downloadable)
  • Games (polynomial and downloadable).

Looking at the specification makes you understand why it is worth every buck. Besides, Apple is known for the best design and development in terms of Cell-phone. So, you better save some pennies to get your hands over iPhone 12. In fact, this can be the next best compact of 2020. Be ready!

iPhone 12 Conclusion

In conclusion, iPhone 12 will be the best compact device of 2020, with 5.4 inches display and a smaller form factor. This device is mainly targeting a specific audience. Mainly, who wants a compact device with flagship-level specifications. Hence, if you are one to buy a handy phone with a high level of specifications, wait for the iPhone 12.

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